Playing Guard

Playing Guard

No Gi Seated Guard

Standing vs Seated Guard Options:

  1. Inside Position: Straight Hamstring (Headquarters) or Cross Hamstring (Cross Knee).
  2. Around the Guard (Double Outside Position): Toreando / X Pass.
  3. Over or Under the Guard: Rolling Kimura / Rolling Guillotine. Push back to Double Ankle or Double Under Grips.

Some Seated Guard Principles:

  • Don't want to be on my back. So sit curled up, shoulders in front of the line of my hips.
  • Don't want to allow access to my feet. So keep them tight against my body and keep my hands ready to defend them.
  • Head up, shoulders shrugged, but don't allow my opponent's head to come lower than mine.
  • Post, scoot back and reset if he starts to win the grip fighting.


Building Guard Against Over or Under Attempts

Building Guard Against Inside Position

Cross Collar Sleeve Guard


Three Keys to Dominant Position:

  1. Keep opponent's head below his hips.
  2. Keep his lead elbow inside my hips.
  3. Keep his outside elbow out and away from his body.

Some Principles:

  • Collar grip must be above his shoulder. Constantly work it up until it's behind his neck.
  • Sticky foot on the bicep.
  • Four points of connection make it easy to rotate with your opponent.
  • Constantly bring my opponent's hands down to the mat by kicking his far leg away and pulling his collar down.
  • If I lose the bicep connection, I must immediately kick his knee out and bring his hands down to the mat.
  • Opponent dropping to two knees must be submission suicide for him.


  1. Collar Sleeve $\rightarrow$ Triangle

    1. First ensure his posture is properly broken.
    2. Turn to my left hip (move my hips out a bit to my right), so that my left knee is inside his knee.
      • This ensures that if he squats back, it doesn't save him from the Triangle.
    3. Stomp down with both feet, pull him forward, and raise my hips into his armpit.
    4. Right foot moves first, then left.
  2. Collar Sleeve $\rightarrow$ Overhead Sweep

    1. Move foot from bicep to hip.
    2. Push away with both feet while pulling my hips off the mat and underneath my opponent.
    3. Pull my partner forward with my grips and tuck my knees to my chest.
    4. Extend my legs and pull the collar over my head.
    5. At the last moment, push the collar down towards my hips to flip my opponent overhead.
    6. Back roll to mount.
  3. Collar Sleeve $\rightarrow$ [Grip Break] $\rightarrow$ Tripod Sweep

  4. Collar Sleeve $\rightarrow$ [Combat Base] $\rightarrow$ DLR Dump Sweep

    Note that Combat Base requires that he has his knee inside my knee. If he doesn't $\rightarrow$ Triangle.

  5. Collar Sleeve $\rightarrow$ [Clears the Foot] $\rightarrow$ Collar Sleeve De La Riva $\rightarrow$ Overhead Sweep

  6. Collar Sleeve $\rightarrow$ Overhead Sweep $\rightarrow$ [Squat Base] $\rightarrow$ DLR Dump Sweep

    1. Set up for Overhead Sweep as above, but partner bases back when I try to pull him forward (Step 3).
    2. I use a pendulum motion to take the near side foot to Deep DLR Hook and I tuck his sleeve behind my calf. (I want my hips out to the side)
    3. Push with my right foot and invert to left shoulder to finish (DLR Dump Sweep Position).
    4. As he starts to fall, release the Sleeve Grip.
  7. Collar Sleeve $\rightarrow$ Overhead Sweep $\rightarrow$ [Squat Base] $\rightarrow$ DLR Dump Sweep $\rightarrow$ [Back Step Base] $\rightarrow$ Cross Sleeve DLR $\rightarrow$ Back Take

    NOTE: This is experimental.

    1. I am attempting the Dump Sweep, but my opponent's base is too good OR he back steps his far leg.
    2. Make sure my hips are out to the side (on top of his foot) and my hook is deep.
    3. Release the Collar Grip and pass his sleeve from my left hand to my right hand.
    4. Plant my right foot on the mat and try to kick him back with my Deep DLR hook.
    5. Also use that base to hip escape towards his far leg so that I can grip his leg with my left hand.
    6. Pummel my right foot inside and use it to square myself behind him. The pants and sleeve grip prevent motion to either side.
    7. Once I'm square, reach my right hand up to his belt or pants.
  8. DLR Dump Sweep $\rightarrow$ Basic Berimbolo

    1. From DLR Dump Sweep: Left leg is Deep DLR Hook, right leg on top, right hand Armpit Collar Grip.
    2. Use the Collar Grip and pull myself in to head butt my opponent's hip. As I raise my elbow, I invert, ducking my head under my arm $\rightarrow$ Berimbolo Position.
    3. Hook both feet on the far side of my opponent (active toes / back heeling).
    4. Reach my left hand for his far hip and grab the pants.
    5. Roll over my right shoulder and kick my feet hard to the mat.
    6. Pull right hand out and reach for the back of the collar.
    7. Pull myself up until my head is above his head and then insert second hook (left leg). Push off the mat with my feet to help the climb.