The Commonplace Book

My goal is to create a webpage to serve as a personal knowledge management system (PKM) or commonplace book. I'm inspired by the Everything I know PKM Gitbook by Nikita Voloboev as well the Building a Second Brain course by Tiago Forte. I have provided my own take on his system here.

Although I use Evernote for note management fairly effectively, its formatting is not rich enough for what I want to achieve. An option was Notion but I am committed to storing all my knowledge in plain text.

I previously considered two other options for this webpage, before settling on Hugo:

  • Pelican, which uses Python and can use either Markdown or reStructuredText (I've kept notes here and here)
  • Jekyll, which uses Ruby and Markdown (I've used this before, but failed to keep good notes)

Design Goals:

I want my webpage to be static, minimalist, energy efficient and fast. Furthermore, it must be simple enough that I can understand all parts of it.

Content Goals:

  • Technical tutorials to remind myself how to accomplish complex tasks
  • Easy to navigate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge database

Brief Bio of Dr Ralph Rudd.